3 Things to Consider when Buying a Challenger 300

3 Things to Consider when Buying a Challenger 300

September 20, 2014

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a very popular super-mid-size aircraft for many of reasons. We’ve outlined some basic varying options among Challenger 300s for you to contemplate, as well as some of the facets we consider to be strong selling points for this specific aircraft type.

A Few Differences to Consider


The Challenger 300 has two common layout options. The first is the double-club arrangement with four seats in the front and four in the back giving you 8 cabin seats total.

Double-Club Layout

The second option has a divan in place of two seats and provides 9 cabin seats. Some people prefer this option, because it allows for an extra passenger.

Aft Divan Layout

Entertainment System

The younger 300s are equipped with LCD touch screens throughout the cabin. There is also an IPOD docking station with the upgraded entertainment system.

LCD Touch Screen

Older Challenger 300s have push button cabin controls at one of the seats.

Push Button Controls

Belted Lavatory: This is a great option to have, because it provides an extra seat which is perfect for a flight attendant to use during take-off and landing. The price to add a belted lavatory to a Challenger 300 can cost anywhere between $200,000-300,000.

Popular Attributes for the Challenger 300

  • Range: 3000 nautical miles, roughly 7 hours flight time (Northeast USA to London). A fantastic range that can accomplish almost any trip you want to take.
  • The Challenger 300 has a very spacious cabin which makes long flights that much more comfortable.
  • The baggage hold can be accessed during the flight through the lavatory. This is a feature that is incredibly useful allowing you to get something out of your bags mid-flight.
  • Challenger 300s have a great ramp presence. It is a widely shared opinion that the 300 looks attractive on the ramp. Bombardier did a great job with the look of the exterior and created a sleek, sexy aircraft that looks terrific at any airport you go to.

This is a basic snapshot of the Challenger 300. When buying an aircraft, it is best to fully research what you are considering and discuss in-depth with your broker what your needs and wants are.

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