3 Things to Consider When Buying a Challenger 604

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Challenger 604

May 21, 2018

Owners and users love the Bombardier Challenger 604 due to its cabin. Bombardier designed an extremely wide cabin, which makes the aircraft feel very large and airy. This has been the greatest selling point of the Challenger 600 series (600/601/604/605/650) and continues to set it apart from its competitors. This, combined with its long range, made the 604 one of the better selling models in the super mid-size category.


The most obvious difference is in the configuration of the layout. The 604 actually has a number of different options for configuration but the two most common differences are in the layout of the aft cabin

First is the four-place dining group across from a divan for a total of 12 passengers, and second is a two-place club across from the divan for a total of 10 passengers. The second option provides a wider aisle, but seats less people.

Dining Group Across from Divan

Two VIP Chairs across from Divan



A few aircraft have a different style galley installed, called an “S Galley” due to its shape being similar to the letter ‘S’. This is in contrast to the standard straight galley. Both provide virtually identical functionality, but is a stylistic choice which some buyers will prefer.

“S” Galley


A significant variant in the avionics of the Challenger 604 is the number of Flight Management Systems (FMS) and the number of Inertial Reference Systems (IRS). Most 604s are “double doubles” meaning two FMS and two IRS, but some are “triple triple”. The FMS and IRS allow for navigation over the Atlantic Ocean and sparsely populated/uncontrolled airspace. The triple triple allows for greater redundancy if one of the navigation systems fails. In a double double, remote oceanic flights are not allowed. Having triple FMS and triple IRS is a good benefit if a lot of long range, over water operations are planned.

Double Double Cockpit

Important Info

The major inspection on the Challenger 604 is the 96 Month/8 Year Inspection cycle. When conducting your aircraft search keep an eye on when this inspection is coming due or has been performed.

Production Dates: 1995-2006

Number of Passengers: 9-11 The 604 has a great cabin design and feel for flying with quite a few people.

Range: Seats full range of 3,756 nautical miles (Dubai to London or London to New York)


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