3 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Embraer Phenom 300

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Embraer Phenom 300

April 13, 2018

The Embraer Phenom 300 is an incredibly popular light jet (new and pre-owned), and has been one of the most delivered aircraft since the program started in 2010. It can seat from 6 to 9 passengers and offers a long range for an aircraft this size.

While there are a number minor variances between each aircraft, the below are the big differences for you to consider when purchasing a new or pre-owned Phenom 300.

Cabin Configuration:

In the early model Phenom 300s, Embraer gave the option to have an extended right-side galley and 6 VIP seats, or to have a shortened right-side galley and 7 VIP seats. When it comes to resale, the 7 seat cabin is the preferred configuration, because the majority of users would rather have the ability to fly with more passengers on board than have the extra storage space that the longer galley offered.

Extended Galley Option

Shortened Galley and 7th seat Option

In later models, Embraer began offering the option of a dual-place divan in place of the right-side galley and 7th VIP seat (there is still a storage cabinet on the left-side). This is a very popular configuration for the same reason of having the ability to bring more passengers. Because this option was only made available in later models, it is not very common in the pre-owned market yet.

Dual Place Divan Option


Some of the later model Phenom 300s have a belted lavatory. Embraer did not offer this when they first built the aircraft. Most people prefer the belted lavatory but it will not bring an increase in resale value.

Some models have a sink opposite the toilet or some have a storage cabinet opposite the toilet. This is very much a personal preference for the user and has not really shown an impact on resale.

Non-belted lavatory and Sink Option

Belted Lavatory and Cabinet Option


In late 2013, the Phenom 300s coming out of the factory were upgraded from the Garmin 1000 avionics system to the Garmin 3000 avionics system. There are some functionality differences between the two and the 3000 system is the latest and greatest and therefore more desirable, but the main difference is the 3000 system has touch screen monitors versus the push buttons on the 1000

Garmin 3000 Avionics System

Garmin 1000 Avionics System

Popular Attributes for the Phenom 300

Range: A seats full range of 1,811 nautical miles, around 4 ½ hours of flight time, making it great for intra-USA and intra-European travel.
Low Operating Cost: Direct hourly costs around $1450 an hour are quite low for the capability you are getting in the Phenom 300
Baggage Space: 19 cubic feet of internal baggage and 66 cubic feet of external baggage space

This is a basic snapshot of the Embraer Phenom 300. When buying an aircraft, it is best to fully research what you are considering and discuss in-depth with your broker what your needs and wants are.

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