Obstacles to Financing an Aircraft

December 8, 2018
Getting financing for a jet is not as easy as one would think. It is often a time consuming process with many requirements. The number one obstacle that a lender faces is KYC. The financial institution has to be...Read More

Embraer’s Upcoming Jets: Praetor 500 and Praetor 600

November 29, 2018
Embraer announced two new Aircraft at MBAA 2018: the Praetor 500 and the Praetor 600. We will be focusing on the Praetor 600 here because we see this as a real game changer in the private aircraft market. The...Read More
Citation XLS Exterior

What to Consider When Buying a Citation Excel, XLS or XLS+

November 18, 2018
When considering buying an aircraft in the mid-size cabin category, the Cessna Citation XL series are very popular options. This includes the Excel, XLS and XLS+. The first Excel was delivered in 1998, and Cessna rolled out the XLS...Read More

Why Letting the Pack Pass You May Be Your Most Beneficial Move Yet

November 12, 2018
As the Pre-owned private jet market continues its hive of activity in 2018, there is a race for people in the USA to take advantage of the new tax benefits that Trump enacted when he took office. In order...Read More

Avionics Defined

November 2, 2018
With acronyms being used and NextGen Avionics in or coming into effect, avionics can be very confusing. Here are a list of common avionics explained. HUD – Heads Up Display This takes the information from the Primary Flight Display...Read More

The No-Inspection Sale: the Risks, the Rewards, and Knowing What is Right for You

October 24, 2018
In markets like today where the supply of many pre-owned aircraft is decreasing and the number of buyers is increasing, a type of transaction where the pre-purchase inspection is waived can become more common. This occurs as the pool...Read More

Strong Value Aircraft in Today’s Market

October 9, 2018
Value is defined differently for each person. For us at Colibri Aircraft, when looking at a jet as a transportation asset, the two things we value most are capability and cost effectiveness both at purchase and during operation. In...Read More

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