3 Things to Consider when Buying a Challenger 300

September 20, 2014
The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a very popular super-mid-size aircraft for many of reasons. We’ve outlined some basic varying options among Challenger 300s for you to contemplate, as well as some of the facets we consider to be strong...Read More

How to Read an Aircraft Specification Sheet

July 14, 2014
When you are in the process of finding an aircraft to purchase, one of the first things that is sent to you is the aircraft specification sheet which at first glance can be quite daunting and confusing. There is...Read More

Know Your Aircraft’s Competition

July 2, 2014
Any time you are going to sell something, it is vitally important to know the marketplace you are entering into in order to adequately position your asset competitively. When the time comes to sell your aircraft, ask your broker...Read More

Is Your Aircraft’s Interior Layout Affecting Its Value?

April 8, 2014
One of Warren Buffett’s favourite allegorical figures is ‘Mr. Market’, a nameless force in the marketplace that speaks loudly, although not always rationally. Listening to what Mr. Market says and gauging that against your own opinions is one of...Read More

Transferring Maintenance Programs in the Transaction Process

March 18, 2014
Many aircraft are enrolled on either an engine and/or airframe maintenance program. In brief, these are programs where you typically pay into the program per flight hour you use. These are a form of insurance against the cost of...Read More

One of the Biggest Obstacles to an International Import/Export

January 20, 2014
As the pre-owned aircraft market becomes more and more global, an increasingly common occurrence is that the aircraft is registered in a country that operates with a very different set of regulations and standards than where it will ultimately...Read More

Whose Problem is VAT?

October 30, 2013
The topic of VAT (Value Added Tax) is always a difficult one, particularly when an aircraft transaction is occurring between two European parties. Given the enormous financial burden VAT places on all parties, this is one of the single...Read More

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