The Dramatic Change in Aircraft Sales’ Trends that became the New Norm

January 22, 2018
Since 2008, we have seen a new trend in the way that the pre-owned aircraft and new aircraft sales relate to each other.  Prior to 2008, these two markets were almost identical and would rise or fall together.  Since...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 9

January 15, 2018
Fly-By Newsletter Issue 9 had just been released. Inside is a breakdown of the most popular jets in 2017 and which country bought the most aircraft, understanding ADS-B Out and how it affects you, plus our predictions for 2018...Read More

Determining the Right Jet for You: Cabin Size

December 4, 2017
A very important factor in the jet you choose is the size and layout of the cabin. The size of your cabin comes down to personal comfort levels and what makes sense for your needs. As with most things...Read More

Tips on Aircraft Financing

November 25, 2017
When purchasing private jets, many people choose to acquire financing. There are many financial institutions who offer financing on private aircraft, but their lending often depends on the size, type and age of the aircraft. Each bank will have...Read More

What to Know About Painting the Exterior of Your Jet

November 13, 2017
An exciting aspect of owning your own jet is choosing an exterior paint scheme to reflect your personal style and taste. The possibilities are endless and clients typically enjoy the process of selecting the paint scheme for their aircraft....Read More

100th Cessna Citation Latitude Delivered

October 30, 2017
In October 2017,  Textron Aviation delivered the 100th Cessna Citation Latitude. The delivery occurred only 26 months since the first Latitude entered service. The jet was bought by NetJets and delivered at Textron’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, USA. 42 Latitudes...Read More

First-Time Aircraft Buyers Increase in 2017

October 17, 2017
In the last year, Colibri Aircraft’s sales team have seen a dramatic increase in clients buying a private jet for the first time. 21% of our clients this year have been first-time buyers – a 50% increase over 2014....Read More

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