The End of an Era: Gulfstream G150

April 11, 2017
At the beginning of 2017, Gulfstream announced the end of the Gulfstream G150, its mid-size aircraft. The G150 was the upgraded model to the Astra/Astra SPX and G100. Famous for its (relatively) operations-friendly maintenance schedule, long range and fuel...Read More

What GAMA’s Gloomy 2016 Report Means

March 27, 2017
The 2016 end of year GAMA statistics came out, and the picture they painted was not rosy. Deliveries of new aircraft were at a low point last seen in 2004. On a unit basis, the manufacturers delivered in 2008...Read More

Is the “Trump Bump” Real?

March 9, 2017
Since the election of Donald Trump as US President in November 2016, stock markets have soared around the world. Following these increased stock values, a number of industry participants have wondered if the resulting increase in wealth will stimulate...Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Block Changes

February 10, 2017
A more unique, often surprising aspect that can affect certain aircraft’s value is what is known as “block changes”. Throughout different aircraft models, there are times were the manufacturer made a large change to how the aircraft was built....Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Cosmetic Condition

January 30, 2017
Probably the most obvious factor to influence an aircraft’s value is its Cosmetic Condition. To be blunt: nice interiors sell faster. They usually do not result in huge value increases, but they will significantly reduce the time to resell...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 6

January 6, 2017
Issue 6 of Fly-By takes a look back at 2016 and how the pre-owned jet market performed, how Europe fared in the year, and lessons to apply in 2017. Read inside to find out which jets were the top...Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Avionics Compliance

January 3, 2017
An element that is becoming more substantial in an aircraft’s resale value is Avionics Compliance. It is especially becoming more relevant as the International Aviation Standards have passed a lot of new avionics mandates that have gone into effect...Read More

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