Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Engine Programs

December 2, 2016
An often confusing but important factor that can affect your resale value is engine program enrollment. Engine programs are a great retainer of value for a lot of aircraft models. (Airframe programs are more complicated in many ways, including...Read More

Did Falcon Create Its Own Competitor?

November 23, 2016
The introduction of the Falcon 8X will be an interesting moment in the private jet markets as it will be a direct test to the resale values of the Falcon 7X. The buyer profile of a Falcon 7X is...Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Records

November 17, 2016
The least glamorous but probably most important determinant of resale value is the condition and organization of an aircraft’s records. Records are logged statements of all maintenance performed, parts changed, inspections completed, and items installed and removed in the...Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Hours and Age

November 3, 2016
Much has been discussed and written regarding falling aircraft prices as of late. Prices are decreasing and supply is increasing in most markets, but there are other factors at play that can affect the value of your aircraft when...Read More

How to Choose the Best Operator

October 25, 2016
The relationship you have with your operator (also called a management company) is probably the most important one in your aircraft ownership. To understand the importance of this role for you, let’s look at what exactly an operator does....Read More

Wrapping It Up: The Closing Call

September 26, 2016
The Closing Call is a conference call between the Buyer and Seller to authorize the closing of the aircraft transaction. Usually the Buyer, Seller, Escrow Agent, and brokers are on the phone, but lenders can often be on them...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 5

September 2, 2016
Fly-By Issue 5 is now available featuring insights on Factors that Affect Your Resale, the Pre-Owned Market Report, Brexit’s impact on Business Jets and much more. You can read this issue by clicking HERE or on pdf image below.Read More

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