Import and Export

The Shrinking Supply of EU Aircraft

March 19, 2018
The last four months in the private jet market have seen a significant decline in the inventory of some models of aircraft that are for sale. This is particularly true when searching for EASA certified or EASA capable aircraft....Read More

Shedding Light on the Export Procedure

June 2, 2017
The Exportation Process is a frequent source of confusion during an aircraft transaction with European aircraft leaving the European Union to go to another region such as the USA or Asia. Formally leaving the European Union is not simply...Read More

Why Your Delivery Location Can Save You Money (or really cost you)

November 5, 2015
A final point of every transaction is the Delivery Day. This is the day when the aircraft title and funds change hands and the deal finally completes. Where the aircraft is physically located during the closing call is an...Read More

One of the Biggest Obstacles to an International Import/Export

January 20, 2014
As the pre-owned aircraft market becomes more and more global, an increasingly common occurrence is that the aircraft is registered in a country that operates with a very different set of regulations and standards than where it will ultimately...Read More