What to Expect from Your Aircraft Transaction Part 2

August 31, 2018
As we continue looking at what to expect in your aircraft transaction, there are specific points that relate to buyers and sellers separately. (You can read Part One here) BUYERS You will not always be able to fly your...Read More

Four Tips for Aircraft Sellers

February 28, 2018
Whether you are selling your jet in order to upgrade to a larger one or for a different financial reason, there are certain steps a Seller can take to mitigate complications and time delays. From our experience, preparing yourself...Read More

Determining the Right Jet for You: Cabin Size

December 4, 2017
A very important factor in the jet you choose is the size and layout of the cabin. The size of your cabin comes down to personal comfort levels and what makes sense for your needs. As with most things...Read More

The Best Thing You can do Before You Buy a Jet

June 12, 2017
When you have decided to buy a private jet, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. We’ve discussed previously a few aspects to assist with determining the right private jet for you, but once you’ve narrowed down the...Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Block Changes

February 10, 2017
A more unique, often surprising aspect that can affect certain aircraft’s value is what is known as “block changes”. Throughout different aircraft models, there are times were the manufacturer made a large change to how the aircraft was built....Read More

Factors Affecting Your Aircraft’s Resale Value: Cosmetic Condition

January 30, 2017
Probably the most obvious factor to influence an aircraft’s value is its Cosmetic Condition. To be blunt: nice interiors sell faster. They usually do not result in huge value increases, but they will significantly reduce the time to resell...Read More

Tips to Prepare Your Aircraft for Sale: Interior & Exterior

March 4, 2016
The condition of the interior and exterior of your business jet is very important when it comes to selling your aircraft. These are the first things a potential buyer will notice when they come to view the aircraft and...Read More

WIFI: Making Your Jet more Productive

January 26, 2016
One of the most recent and popular improvements in airborne communications has been the development of inflight WIFI. Instantly popular for owners and charter clients alike, this has been a true revolution in the functionality of aircraft and the...Read More

The Quick Guide to Fireblocking

December 8, 2015
There are times when a buyer’s due diligence of an aircraft will request proof of fireblocking. This is a frequently used aviation term that is not overly apparent in its meaning. In short, fireblocking is treatment of the interior...Read More

Knowing the Lingo: Interiors

July 1, 2015
Understanding what different terms mean while purchasing a jet can make your search easier, as well as allowing you to make a more knowledgeable and confident choice in the jet you choose. Some names for the interior of an...Read More