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Legacy 600 14501008
Serial Number 14501008
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2007 Embraer Legacy 600
A versatile 13 passenger aircraft with a range of up to 3,000 nautical miles. The Legacy 600 has a very large in-flight accessible baggage compartment. This aircraft features three cabin zones: a front four-place club, mid conference group, and an aft privacy lounge with a spacious lavatory.
This Legacy 600 is undergoing one of its largest inspections at RUAG Aerospace. This inspection occurs every 96 months and totals approximately €750,000. With this inspection being completed, your maintenance obligations will be substantially minimized.

  • Completed 24 month, 48 month & 96 month inspection in January 2016 at RUAG Aerospace
  • Full JSSI Engine Program
  • Well-equipped Galley
  • Interior in Good Condition

Reduced Asking Price: $4,950,000 USD

Rolls Royce AE3007A1E
Hours Since New: 6857 / 7022
Enrolled on 100% JSSI
Seating for 13 Passengers
Aft Lavatory
Good Condition
Microwave & Electric Oven
Cofee Maker
Dual DVD/CD Player
EU OPS Avionics
Dual FMS
Dual HF Radios
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