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2008 Gulfstream G150 For Sale
Serial Number: 242
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2008 Gulfstream G150 For Sale
A jet with a beautiful and well-kept interior ready for immediate purchase. The G150 boasts an incredibly long range of up to 3,000 nautical miles. The cabin height is 5 feet 9 inches and can seat up to 6 passengers comfortably.

As a member of the Gulfstream family, the G150 benefits from Gulfstream's industry leading product support.

  • Engines enrolled on MSP Gold
  • APU on MSP
  • Personal Media Monitors
  • Satellite Phone with two handsets
  • EU OPS Avionics

Asking Price: $4,690,000 USD

Honeywell TFE731-40AR-200G
Hours since new: 4012 / 4064
Enrolled on MSP
Seating for 6 Passengers
Hard Pocket Lavatory Door
Forward Galley and Storage Cabinet
Iridium Satellite Phone
with two handsets

Two Personal Monitors
EU OPS Avionics
Dual FMS
Dual DME-4000
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