Pilatus delivers 1500th PC-12
Jul 12, 2017
On 30 June 2017, Pilatus delivered its 1500 th PC-12. The PC-12 program has been one of the most successful private aviation programs in history. It’s an incredibly unique aircraft and extremely versatile. The airframe has not changed significantly in its life span - a credit to the initial developers’ design success from the onset. With a range around 1600 nautical miles, its ability to land on short runways (including grass runways), low fuel burn and low maintenance costs,...
The First Flight of the Falcon 5X
Jul 11, 2017
The Dassault Falcon 5X made its first flight on 5 July 2017. It was completed using prototype engines with full-fledged flight testing with the production engines to begin in 2018. Dassault selected the Snecma Silvercrest engine for the 5X, a new engine to the private jet industry from a large engine manufacturer in the airline segment. The engine development has experienced a number of setbacks causing significant delays to the 5X program. The purpose of this initial flight was to give a ...
Why It Takes Longer Than You Think
Jul 7, 2017
Why It Takes Longer Than You Think: Managing Expectations on Transaction Timing From the time of signing a Letter of Intent to closing, a transaction normally takes 2 to 2 and a half months. That timing may shock those that have never been involved in a pre-owned transaction before, but the reason is that jets are complicated machines and more importantly, they are complicated assets . As a result, there are a number of different parties involved on both the buyer a...
How Buyers & Sellers Benefit in a Buyer's Market
Jun 28, 2017
Over the last few years there has been more and more references to the private jet market being a ‘Buyer’s Market’. Typically, when someone refers to a ‘Buyer’s Market’, they mean that a) there is more supply than demand and b) it is an environment of declining prices. Both points are true in almost every aircraft model right now. In this current atmosphere that looks to favour the Buyer, we have advice and warnings for Buyers as well as counsel and silver linings for Sellers.<...
The Best Thing You Can Do Before You Buy a Jet
Jun 12, 2017
When you have decided to buy a private jet, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. We’ve discussed previously a few aspects to assist with determining the right private jet for you ( your budget , your purpos...
Shedding Light on the Export Procedure
Jun 2, 2017
The Exportation Process is a frequent confusion during an aircraft transaction with European aircraft leaving the European Union to go to another region such as the USA or Asia. Formally leaving the European Union is not simply flying the aircraft out of the country. There are two parts to an aircraft export: a customs export and a physical export. In the EU, an aircraft has a physical presence and a customs presence. When an aircraft is purchased to be based in the EU, it has to be import...
The Curtain Closes on Citation Mustang Production
May 16, 2017
After 11 years in production, Cessna recently announced that they will cease production of the Citation Mustang. This is an interesting development as the mustang has been a very popular seller, with over 475 produced and delivered in that time. It was a strong competitor in the very light jet segment, popular with private owners and charter operators alike. Famous for its ease of flying and remarkably low maintenance and operating costs, this was an aircraft that introduced many to the wo...
Colibri's Continuing Success Prompts Further Expansion in Europe
May 10, 2017
Colibri Aircraft has seen a significant increase in the number of  their transactions involving European buyers. “We’ve seen a noticeable rise in European activity levels since the beginning of 2016 and it’s been across the product range- from the Gulfstream G550’s down to Citation Mustangs,” said Oliver Stone , Managing Director. In the last 16 months, Colibri has...
Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 7
May 4, 2017
The latest Fly-By Newsletter features articles on How Buyers and Sellers can Succeed in Today's Market, an update on Eastern Europe, a Guide to Understanding the Exportation Process, and much more. Read the newsletter by clicking here or the pdf button below.
Colibri Aircraft is Expanding!
Apr 20, 2017
We are expanding throughout Europe and want experienced aviation professionals to join our team. Responsibilites include: - Develop client relationships to provide brokerage services for the sale and acquisition of private jets. - Manage and coordinate the transaction process including but not limited to contract negotiations, inspection facilitation, regulatory paperwork, and closing procedures. - Study and analyse market data and trends to advise clients o...
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