By applying strategic marketing methods on an international scale, Colibri Aircraft will locate the appropriate buyer and optimal transaction for its clients. We manage the sales process from start to finish with global marketing for global buyers .With transactions involving hundreds of steps, a single detail, big or small, can disrupt a deal. Colibri Aircraft oversees the sale process every step of the way to ensure a successful transaction.
Colibri Aircraft will find the best buying opportunity under the current marketplace conditions. We examine the aircraft’s maintenance history, operational history and resale trends to find the right aircraft that meets the buyer’s needs and expectations. Similar to the process of selling an aircraft, Colibri Aircraft will meet all aspects of due diligence throughout the entire buying process.
Aircraft ownership may bring about a number of technical and administrative issues that require attention. Knowing and resolving these issues minimizes downtime and unexpected bills. Managing these issues is an everyday occurrence in the activities of Colibri Aircraft. Having the appropriate experience, we offer consulting services to monitor and rectify any issues related to aircraft ownership.
Extensive knowledge gained through direct experience in resale transactions enables Colibri Aircraft to provide consultation to Financial Institutions regarding collateral assessment from pre-funding to ownership to sale - including situations of repossession. During an institution’s stakeholding, your only value is the asset, and that value is only realized at resale. Colibri Aircraft’s understanding of resale transactions allows us to evaluate where plausible risks to resale value may be in the future. Colibri Aircraft also performs periodic checks to monitor the asset. In the event of repossession, Colibri Aircraft will coordinate the recovery, storage, oversight and resale of the asset. We will advise on what expenses are necessary parts of resale in an effort to balance your asset’s value with cash flow