Knowing the Lingo: Interiors

Knowing the Lingo: Interiors

July 1, 2015

Understanding what different terms mean while purchasing a jet can make your search easier, as well as allowing you to make a more knowledgeable and confident choice in the jet you choose. Some names for the interior of an aircraft are self-explanatory, but others are not as clear. Below are a few interior terms that are commonly used and what they refer to and mean.


Club Seating: Two Chairs that are facing each other.  A double club is when there are two chairs facing another two chairs.


Conference/Dining Group: A four-seat grouping with a table in between providing eating or work space.


Divan: A divan can look very different depending on the aircraft type. It can vary from a seat for one person to seating for up to four people. Some divans have seat belts and some do not. A very important factor to look at with divans is whether they are certified for take-off and landing. If they are not certified, passengers cannot use the divans during take-off and landing, limiting the amount of passengers who can fly on your jet.


Fireblocked: This term means that the interior has been through a strict testing environment that proves if there is an interior fire, the materials and furnishings will not burn rapidly. All commercially operated aircraft have fireblocked interiors, as well as most private jets in general. (More info on Fireblocking HERE)

Belted Lavatory: As the name indicates, this means the lavatory has a seat belt and, in the majority of circumstances, can serve as a seat for take-off and landing. This is beneficial when you have a flight attendant who can use this “seat” during take-off and landing, so they are not taking up a cabin seat.


External/Internal Baggage Compartment: An external baggage compartment can only be accessed from the outside of the aircraft. The internal baggage compartments can be accessed from the inside. Internal baggage compartments are beneficial for accessing baggage during the flight.

Jumpseat and Flight Attendant Seat: A jumpseat is an extra seat in the cockpit that is certified for take-off and landing. The Flight Attendant Seat is located in the galley and is not always certified for take-off and landing. Often, it’s just a spot for the flight attendant to sit during flight. If you don’t have a certified flight attendant seat or jumpseat for your flight attendant, they will have to sit in the cabin which means you fly with one less passenger.


Aviation is an industry of acronyms and lingo. If you want to discuss any terminology you have heard or questions you may have, please contact us at or +44 (0) 203 551 8007.