Strong Value Aircraft in Today’s Market

Strong Value Aircraft in Today’s Market

October 9, 2018

Value is defined differently for each person. For us at Colibri Aircraft, when looking at a jet as a transportation asset, the two things we value most are capability and cost effectiveness both at purchase and during operation.

In our experience and looking at today’s marketplace, we have found that the mid-size cabin range ticks the most boxes in this regard. This includes the Cessna Citation XLS series, the Bombardier Lear 60, the Hawker 800 and 900, and the Cessna Citation Sovereign to name a few. These jets can seat 6+ passengers, have great baggage space, have a range of 4-5 hours, are good with relatively short runways and are widely maintained worldwide. This cabin class offers incredibly versatility at a reasonable price point.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Interior

The strong value light jets we are seeing right now are the Embraer Phenom 300 and the Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ4. Thought not quite as capable as the mid-seize, these will do most missions that a user would fly and have a range of 3-4 hours with good load factors.

Embraer Phenom 300 Interior

In the super mid-size range, maintenance starts to get more expensive but a lot of models still offer strong value. The Bombardier Challenger 604/605 models for example can be found at an attractive purchase prices right now, has 8+ hours of range (can go London to New York non-stop) and a very spacious cabin.

Bombardier Challenger 604 Interior

The ultra-long range cabin aircraft tend to be seen as less “strong value” aircraft in regards to being viewed as a “transportation asset” because maintenance and operation costs are high, and if you are not using their full capability, the value as defined earlier is not fully met. However the emotional value on these plays a large role in their perceived value. When looking at the large cabin jets, the Gulfstream G550 and the Bombardier Global XRS are solid candidates for strong capabilities and decent cost effectiveness. Both will do almost anything you ever need them.

Gulfstream G550 Interior

It is important for you to personally decide what value means to you in order to find the right jet. Your aircraft broker can assist you in developing a custom aircraft search for you based on your specific desires and needs.

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