The Importance of Understanding an Aircraft’s Empty Weight

In all aircraft there are legal weight limits for certain events, such as a maximum take-off weight and a maximum landing weight. These weights are typically constant for all aircraft throughout an entire model type. However, a very important...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 15

Our start of year newsletter is out with details on how the European pre-owned market did in 2018, what we tell our clients regarding Brexit, factors limiting your aircraft search and much more! You can read the entire newsletter...Read More

The Logistics of Performing a Pre-Purchase Inspection in the USA

The USA is by far the largest private jet market. It accounts for roughly 70% of the pre-owned buyers annually. Because of the size of the buyer pool, it is likely that European owners will have leads and potential...Read More
Aircraft Records Review

The Key to an Effective Records Review

A records review by the buyer’s team of advisors is a common part of the transaction process. The records are a comprehensive maintenance history of the aircraft including everything that has happened to it throughout its life and all...Read More
EU Export

Misconceptions of an EU Export

Transactions held on EU aircraft being sold outside of the European Union require an EU export. A non-EU buyer can close on an aircraft in the European Union if it is exported within 90 days. A common misconception is...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 14

This issue of Fly-By is packed with tips for first time buyers, overcoming issues with crew availability, a look at the very crowded ultra-long range segment and much more. You can read the entire newsletter by clicking here or...Read More
Citation XLS

Why Cessna’s Citation Excel/XLS Series is so Popular

Ever since the Citation Excel was first delivered in1998, this series from Cessna has proven to be a top seller. Following with the XLS and XLS+, its appeal has not diminished among jet owners and operators. In total, the...Read More

An Interview with Sales Director Marian Jancarik

Marian Jancarik, Colibri Aircraft’s Sales Director in Central and Eastern Europe, was interviewed for financnimys.cz, a finance website in the Czech Republic. He highlighted the health of the private jet market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the most...Read More

Making Your Jet Your Own

One of the great things about having a private jet is the ability to truly personalize it to make it your own. Your aircraft is a place you will spend a lot of time each month; it should be...Read More

What is a Holdback Structure and Could It Benefit Me?

A holdback structure is when at the time of closing a certain amount of money is held in escrow and left there as a guarantee or to cover a certain event taking place post-closing. Most commonly, this is used...Read More
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