Maintenance Issues for Private Jet owners

The Ubiquitous Maintenance Problem Happening to All Aircraft Owners

Corrosion: A word that causes shudders and fear. However, it’s a word that is often misconstrued, demonized and frequently exaggerated. Corrosion happens when water reacts to metal producing a chemical reaction that degrades the metal, ultimately creating weakness. Clearly,...Read More
Painting Private Jet Exterior

What to Know About Painting the Exterior of Your Jet

An exciting aspect of owning your own jet is choosing an exterior paint scheme to reflect your personal style and taste. The possibilities are endless and clients typically enjoy the process of selecting the paint scheme for their aircraft....Read More
Prepare aircraft for sale

Tips to Prepare Your Aircraft for Sale: Interior & Exterior

The condition of the interior and exterior of your business jet is very important when it comes to selling your aircraft. These are the first things a potential buyer will notice when they come to view the aircraft and...Read More
Knowing the Lingo Jet Exteriors

Knowing the Lingo: Exteriors

When buying a jet, there are terms and lingo used that can leave you confused. We’ve outlined a few exterior parts below that can assist you in understanding what and where parts are located and called. Aviation is an...Read More