Interior changes

Interior Changes During the Pre-Purchase Inspection

When buying a pre-owned jet, an important component is the condition of the interior. Interior colours and design are highly subjective, and the style of a jet may not suit the buyer’s taste.  Furthermore, aircraft are often chartered or...Read More

When a Seatbelt Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

When looking at possible jets to purchase in the long and ultra-long-range segment, it is important to look carefully at how many seats are certified for take-off and landing. This is different than how many seats have seat belts....Read More
media upgrade

A Modern Way to Upgrade Your Entertainment System

When it comes to an aircraft’s entertainment system, upgrading the equipment is not straightforward or easy. An unfortunate consequence of the certification process required to modify anything installed on a jet is that it makes keeping up with changing...Read More

The Gulfstream Galley Question

An option when purchasing a Gulfstream aircraft that has the three-zone cabin layout is where you want your galley located (example aircraft: G4, G550, G650). Your options are the forward cabin right at the entrance or in the aft...Read More

How A Flight Attendant Can Affect Your Aircraft Search

If you are in interested in purchasing a mid-size cabin jet or larger, a flight attendant is a factor to consider in your search. Having or not having a flight attendant is very personal as to how you will...Read More

Making Your Jet Your Own

One of the great things about having a private jet is the ability to truly personalize it to make it your own. Your aircraft is a place you will spend a lot of time each month; it should be...Read More
Private Jet modifications

The Number One Thing to Know When Modifying Your Jet

Throughout your ownership of an aircraft, you will likely need to modify your plane at some point. This could be refurbishing the interior, installing new avionics to meet new requirements, or upgrading the communications system and entertainment. These are...Read More
What to Expect from Your Aircraft Transaction

What to Expect from Your Aircraft Transaction Part 2

As we continue looking at what to expect in your aircraft transaction, there are specific points that relate to buyers and sellers separately. (You can read Part One here) BUYERS You will not always be able to fly your...Read More
Four Tips for Aircraft Sellers

Four Tips for Aircraft Sellers

Whether you are selling your jet in order to upgrade to a larger one or for a different financial reason, there are certain steps a Seller can take to mitigate complications and time delays. From our experience, preparing yourself...Read More
Determining the Right Jet for You

Determining the Right Jet for You: Cabin Size

A very important factor in the jet you choose is the size and layout of the cabin. The size of your cabin comes down to personal comfort levels and what makes sense for your needs. As with most things...Read More