Maintenance Tips

What is a Holdback Structure and Could It Benefit You?

In the midst of an aircraft transaction, a structure called a holdback may be proposed when, for example, a large maintenance event is taking place. A holdback structure is when at the time of closing a certain amount of...Read More
guide to buying a jet

The First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Buying a Jet

Buying a jet is a momentous and important step in a person’s life. There are many factors to consider before you sign the contract to buy your jet. Private Jet ownership is its own unique sector and having a...Read More
Steps of an aircraft transaction

Understanding the Steps of a Transaction

A successful aircraft transaction can be a complicated process with many steps and decisions that must be made. Signing a contract is only the tip of the iceberg. An aircraft itself is a complicated piece of machinery with a...Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 13

In this issue you will find how the FAA and EASA are at odds with one another; our Top Tips for Sellers; When the Cost of ADS-B Out is Too Much and so much  more. You can read Fly-By...Read More

Where Should I do my Pre-Purchase Inspection?

As a buyer, the key to choosing a facility for your Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) is to go to a facility who knows your type of aircraft well, will do a thorough job reviewing the aircraft and knows the typical...Read More
ADS-B Out info

Our #1 Caution with ADS-B Out Installation

We have been hearing about ADS-B Out extensively over the last few years, and while everyone is gearing up for this to come into effect in June of 2020, there are precautions that need to be made that many...Read More
Private Jet modifications

The Number One Thing to Know When Modifying Your Jet

Throughout your ownership of an aircraft, you will likely need to modify your plane at some point. This could be refurbishing the interior, installing new avionics to meet new requirements, or upgrading the communications system and entertainment. These are...Read More
Advice for Private Jet Sales

Avionics Defined

With acronyms being used and NextGen Avionics in or coming into effect, avionics can be very confusing. Here are a list of common avionics explained. HUD – Heads Up Display This takes the information from the Primary Flight Display...Read More
Advice for Private Jet Sales

The No-Inspection Sale: the Risks, the Rewards, and Knowing What is Right for You

In markets like today where the supply of many pre-owned aircraft is decreasing and the number of buyers is increasing, a type of transaction where the pre-purchase inspection is waived can become more common. This occurs as the pool...Read More
What to Expect from Your Aircraft Transaction

What to Expect from Your Aircraft Transaction Part 2

As we continue looking at what to expect in your aircraft transaction, there are specific points that relate to buyers and sellers separately. (You can read Part One here) BUYERS You will not always be able to fly your...Read More
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