Guidance for Buying or Selling Aircraft

Interior changes

Interior Changes During the Pre-Purchase Inspection

When buying a pre-owned jet, an important component is the condition of the interior. Interior colours and design are highly subjective, and the style of a jet may not suit the buyer’s taste.  Furthermore, aircraft are often chartered or...Read More

The Importance of Understanding an Aircraft’s Empty Weight

In all aircraft there are legal weight limits for certain events, such as a maximum take-off weight and a maximum landing weight. These weights are typically constant for all aircraft throughout an entire model type. However, a very important...Read More

3 Major Obstacles to Switching Jurisdictions

If you live in a European country and are buying an aircraft from the United States (or vice versa), you will have to register the aircraft in the country where you live or where your AOC is located. Moving...Read More

How Your Passenger Requirements Can Limit Your Aircraft Search

A very important factor in your aircraft search is how many passengers you want the capability to fly. In the super-mid-size cabin class and larger, different configurations will impact the amount of passengers you are legally allowed to carry....Read More

Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 15

Our start of year newsletter is out with details on how the European pre-owned market did in 2018, what we tell our clients regarding Brexit, factors limiting your aircraft search and much more! You can read the entire newsletter...Read More

What is a Holdback Structure and Could It Benefit You?

In the midst of an aircraft transaction, a structure called a holdback may be proposed when, for example, a large maintenance event is taking place. A holdback structure is when at the time of closing a certain amount of...Read More

The Truth about Back-To-Back Transactions

In and amongst the many different operation, technical and jurisdictional details in an aircraft transaction, one thing to look for is how title is being transferred to you. Some scenarios can involve certain structures that may or may not...Read More

The Logistics of Performing a Pre-Purchase Inspection in the USA

The USA is by far the largest private jet market. It accounts for roughly 70% of the pre-owned buyers annually. Because of the size of the buyer pool, it is likely that European owners will have leads and potential...Read More

When a Seatbelt Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

When looking at possible jets to purchase in the long and ultra-long-range segment, it is important to look carefully at how many seats are certified for take-off and landing. This is different than how many seats have seat belts....Read More
Aircraft Records Review

The Key to an Effective Records Review

A records review by the buyer’s team of advisors is a common part of the transaction process. The records are a comprehensive maintenance history of the aircraft including everything that has happened to it throughout its life and all...Read More
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