Aircraft Records Review

The Key to an Effective Records Review

November 4, 2019
A records review by the buyer’s team of advisors is a common part of the transaction process. The records are a comprehensive maintenance history of the aircraft including everything that has happened to it throughout its life and all...Read More
guide to buying a jet

The First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Buying a Jet

October 23, 2019
Buying a jet is a momentous and important step in a person’s life. There are many factors to consider before you sign the contract to buy your jet. Private Jet ownership is its own unique sector and having a...Read More
Crew Shortages

Today’s Problem With Finding Pilots

October 19, 2019
In the world of aviation, there is a pilot shortage occurring across all aspects from commercial and regional airlines to private jets. One reason is that every year more and more pilots are retiring from commercial airlines, and at...Read More
Gulfstream G500

Big Aircraft with Big Competition

October 10, 2019
Since the Dassault Falcon 7X entered the scene in 2007, the focus of the Manufacturers for new model development has been on the ultra-long-range segment. Since that time, the OEMs have either built and produced, or announced, no fewer...Read More
Steps of an aircraft transaction

Understanding the Steps of a Transaction

October 3, 2019
A successful aircraft transaction can be a complicated process with many steps and decisions that must be made. Signing a contract is only the tip of the iceberg. An aircraft itself is a complicated piece of machinery with a...Read More
EU Export

Misconceptions of an EU Export

October 1, 2019
Transactions held on EU aircraft being sold outside of the European Union require an EU export. A non-EU buyer can close on an aircraft in the European Union if it is exported within 90 days. A common misconception is...Read More

The Decline of the Learjet

September 23, 2019
An interesting fact to come out of the manufacturers’ data reports is the minor role played by one of the world’s most enduring and iconic brand names: the Learjet. In the last two years, the Learjet has accounted for...Read More

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