Fly-By: 3 Minutes in the Private Jet Market Issue 16

Read our latest issue to see how Covid-19 has affected Pre-Owned Transactions and daily air traffic. Also included is advice on how to turn obstacles in your aircraft search into opportunities for your benefit and so much more. You...Read More
Interior changes

Interior Changes During the Pre-Purchase Inspection

When buying a pre-owned jet, an important component is the condition of the interior. Interior colours and design are highly subjective, and the style of a jet may not suit the buyer’s taste.  Furthermore, aircraft are often chartered or...Read More

The Importance of Understanding an Aircraft’s Empty Weight

In all aircraft there are legal weight limits for certain events, such as a maximum take-off weight and a maximum landing weight. These weights are typically constant for all aircraft throughout an entire model type. However, a very important...Read More

Why Maintenance Does Not Increase the Value of Your Jet

All aircraft must go through different hourly and calendar inspections, and many of these maintenance events can be very expensive. The majority of the cost will most likely come from repairing defects found during these inspections. It can be...Read More

3 Major Obstacles to Switching Jurisdictions

If you live in a European country and are buying an aircraft from the United States (or vice versa), you will have to register the aircraft in the country where you live or where your AOC is located. Moving...Read More

Get Inside the Mid-Size Jet Segment

In the mid-sized aircraft market there are dozens of different models to choose from. Many of the most popular and best selling jet modesl are in this catagory. (For the sake of ease, we are describing a mid-size jet...Read More

How Your Passenger Requirements Can Limit Your Aircraft Search

A very important factor in your aircraft search is how many passengers you want the capability to fly. In the super-mid-size cabin class and larger, different configurations will impact the amount of passengers you are legally allowed to carry....Read More

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