Understanding the Steps of a Transaction

Understanding the Steps of a Transaction

October 3, 2019

A successful aircraft transaction can be a complicated process with many steps and decisions that must be made. Signing a contract is only the tip of the iceberg.

An aircraft itself is a complicated piece of machinery with a number of detailed systems that should be properly inspected, and historical maintenance records and parts certifications that should be reviewed for compliance with the regulations of both buyer and seller’s country as part of the transaction process.

Governments have established complex rules for import and export that have added more steps and requirements to the process proving all the more how important it is to have someone like a trusted aircraft broker who understands the details and intricacies that must be navigated to proceed smoothly to closing.

Below is a list of past articles we have put together that can hopefully shed light on different parts of the process and open a dialogue between you and your broker to discuss how to organize your own transaction.

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Letter of Intent

Initial aircraft review

Aircraft Finance

KYC documents on financing

VAT issues

Tax opinion on aircraft transaction

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Maintenance Programs

Export Procedure

Obstacles to export

Delivery Location

Test flight

Bill of Sale for aircraft transaction   Closing Call