Get Inside the Mid-Size Jet Segment

Get Inside the Mid-Size Jet Segment

In the mid-sized aircraft market there are dozens of different models to choose from. Many of the most popular and best selling jet modesl are in this catagory. (For the sake of ease, we are describing a mid-size jet as having a cabin under 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 metres) and a range of over 1500 nautical miles.)

Pre-owned pricing ranges from under 1 million USD for an older Citation III to 11 million+ USD for a brand new Citation XLS+ and higher for a new Citation Sovereign+.

A mid-size jet can seat between 6 and 10 passengers, plus some have a belted lavatory seat.

There are mainly three layout options in this class category. There are a few minor deviations to these three designs, but these are the most common.

1 The first option is a double club followed by two forward facing aft seats. 

Citation Excel

Citation Excel Interior

2 The second layout option is the double club arrangement with a four-place club grouping in the front followed by another four-place club grouping. Having eight separate VIP chairs allows for each passenger to have their own space and is often popular with large corporations who would rather have the individual seats than a divan.

Bombardier Lear 45 Double Club Interior

3 The third is a forward four-place club group followed by a divan and one VIP chair. The divan is popular with those who value the ability to relax and or lay down on the divan during flights. The divan is particularly popular for families with young children. The divan is less common in the mid-size segment than the single or double club.

Hawker 750 Divan Interior

None of these layouts are better than the other but comes down to personal preference, and your preference will come down to passenger capacity and usage. If you want to seat 9 passengers, then you will need to look at the divan option. If you are traveling with colleagues or people who desire to have their own seat, then the single and double club options are the ones to look at.

Some models have forward cabin options to have a single-side facing seat, a dual-place divan, or an extended galley. The extra seating options will allow for more passenger capacity, but the galley will provide more storage for catering and in-flight supplies.

Forward cabin dual-place divan in a Citation XLS+

Citation CJ2

Forward cabin single seat in a Citation CJ2

Citation CJ3

Foward cabin extended galley in a Citation CJ3

The newest model to be introduced in the mid-size jets segment is Cessna’s Citation Sovereign+. The first ones started delivering in 2013, and they are still in production today.

The Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ have the longest cabin length in this segment at 25 feet and 3 inches (7.7 metres). It also has the most baggage space with 79 cubic feet.

Citation Sovereign Interior


2019 most popular pre-owned mid-size jet worldwide: Hawker 800XP – 50 bought, Bombardier Lear 60 – 38 bought, Cessna Citation Excel – 34 bought.

2019 most popular pre-owned mid-size jets in Europe: Bombardier Lear 45 – 4 bought, Citation Sovereign – 3 bought, Bombardier Lear 60 – 3 bought.

Discuss with your aircraft broker before you begin your aircraft search to prioritze what matters most to you. Each model offers something slightly different in regards to range, passenger capacity, operating costs, etc. Knowing the options that fit you best will make your search much smoother. Speak candidly with your broker about your needs, wants and price range and they will be able to guide you towards the right model options for you.